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The Women’s Resource Center at the University of Nebraska-Omaha and the Students for Life group have not always seen eye to eye. Under the last director, the Women’s Resource Center refused to put out information promoting local pro-life pregnancy resource centers. Plus, the Students for Life group comes under criticism and attack from other groups on campus. Their displays have been vandalized, and they’ve been accused of using false data with regards to the number of abortions that happen each year.

That’s why it’s so great to be able to announce that the Women’s Resource Center, under new directorship, and Mavericks for Life have collaborated to create a pro-life, pro-woman policy on campus, that will allow pregnant students to park closer to campus buildings.

The Mavericks for Life group reached out to Destinie Freeman, the new Director of the Women’s Resource Center, to discuss creating parking permits for not only pregnant students, but also parenting students with young children on campus. Freeman, working with the Mavericks for Life group and the parking services, were able to obtain temporary ADA parking permits for anyone who needs them as long as a doctor signs off on the fact the student is pregnant. Freeman offered to help figure out a parking permit for parenting students before the next semester in the Fall.

Stephanie Lugo, the Midwest Regional Coordinator for Students for Life noted, “It is great to see former adversaries on campus work together to create a pro-woman, pro-life policy. This is one important step towards ensuring that pregnant students feel welcomed on campus.”

We’re excited to add this great story to the “Supportive Services Hall of Fame” along with last year’s victory with Ball State instating a similar policy of special parking for pregnant and parenting students. It’s inspiring to see our Pregnant on Campus Initiative in action, helping students who choose life to feel welcome, affirmed, and ready to embrace both their education and family. Cheers to loving them both! 

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Author: Matt Lamb

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