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President Trump has made a fateful and terrible decision in announcing that the United States will abandon the Kurds in northeastern Syria to the mercies of Turkey’s autocratic leader, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Trump’s betrayal leaves our Kurdish allies open to the possibility, nay likelihood, of mass killings.

It also sets up conditions for a wider geopolitical disaster. The winners are Turkey, Russia, Syria, Iran, and the Islamic State. The biggest loser, after the Kurds, is the U.S. Trump is right that our foreign policy should focus on American security and that we should not be a global policeman. But with great power and influence, if a nation wishes to keep it, comes great and widespread responsibility. And the president is wrong, in any case, to suppose that abandoning the Kurds won’t undermine our security. At issue is Rojava, the […]

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