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Grammy and Emmy winner Harry Connick Jr. has long been known as a popular singer, actor, and TV host, but did you know that Connick is also a Christian?

The performer has openly spoken about his faith over the years, sharing how he discovered faith as a teenager after his mother’s tragic death. Connick, whose film “Angels Sing” is streaming on throughout the month of July, became a Catholic at age 14, and has adhered to his faith ever since. Let’s explore some of the actor’s most powerful comments about his belief in the Almighty:

#1: He finds comfort in faith

The actor once told America Magazine that he finds comfort in the message of faith as well as in his knowledge and familiarity with attending Mass:

#2: He’s ‘driven’ to understand more about faith

Connick told the Christian Post that he is “driven to understand more” about his faith. While he is “far from perfect,” he’s on a journey to try and be the best person he can be:


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