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On top of ubiquitous surveillance systems, believers in China must also be vigilant of government-assigned personnel who watch over them 24/7

Sun Kairu Grassroots Party functionaries, even landlords and utilities’ workers, are customarily employed to spy on believers who are holding religious gatherings, doing missionary work, or just meeting with friends. Motivated with bonuses or coerced, their number is growing exponentially, making lives of believers unbearably hard. Grid administrators assigned spying quotas

In eastern China’s Anhui Province, four preachers were on their way home after having gone on a mission in Chengguan town, under the jurisdiction of Bozhou city, on November 22, when they were stopped by the police; three of them were arrested. As it turned out, a local informer realized from the preachers’ accents that they were from another area and reported them. Using […]


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