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Sam Allberry may be a gay Anglican priest, but he is the gay BFF of the Southern Baptist Convention. He is promoted heavily by Southern Baptist leaders like Mark Dever (9Marx), Russell Moore (ERLC) and Jason Allen (Mid-Western Baptist Theological Seminary).

Allberry has a very long history of normalizing Same-Sex Attraction (SSA), shows no signs of repenting of the desire for homosexuality, and is comfortable in his status as a non-heterosexual man who desires no marriage or attraction to the fairer sex in keeping with God’s creation mandate (given both in Genesis 1:28 and Genesis 8:17 ). Allberry shuns the Word of God that tells us that to desire a wife is to desire a good thing ( Proverbs 8: 22; 1 Corinthians 7). Thanks to the work of Tom Buck, a pastor of Texas, much attention has been […]



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