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JD Greear recently RT’d the political views of a leftist lesbian writer.

The lesbian aspires to teach men how to preach, finds “Gospel themes” in pornography, and promotes Democratic talking points as though they were Gospel-centered ideas. Greear, the “frat boy president” of the SBC, seems to suffer from a catastrophic lack of discernment.

Pulpit & Pen first wrote about McLaughlin in February of 2018, because she wrote a post finding supposed Gospel themes in the 50 Shades of Grey series, which is about the BDSM sexual fetish. McLaughlin also wrote an article saying that “ God is raising up homosexuals to lead us .” McLaughlin is one of many (non-practicing) homosexuals used by The Gospel Coalition (TGC) to change the way evangelicals think about sodomy. McLaughlin, who says that she is still sexually attracted to women […]

SBC President Greear Promotes/Retweets Political Views of Liberal Lesbian

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