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Screaming crowd includes “gay” City Council member Pro-family parents stand up to intimidation – see photos below! Caution: Some of the photos below are terribly profane.

This mother had this to say to the “pro-Drag Queen” LGBT activists. San Diego MassResistance parents who were protesting a horrid “Drag Queen Story Hour” at the library strongly stood up to a rabid crowd of LGBT activists who came to intimidate and harass them with anti-Christian bigotry. In fact, the LGBT activists were clearly surprised and disheartened that the parents were ready for them. In two previous posts, we reported how MassResistance helped residents in Chula Vista, California (a suburb of San Diego) push back hard against the “Drag Queen Story Hour” scheduled for Sept. 10 in their main public library branch. On Aug. 29, our team held a successful press conference […]

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