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Russian National Space Agency to Investigate NASA Claims

The Russian government has some of the best comedic material on the planet. I wonder who writes their material? During a meeting with Moldovan President Igor Dodon, Dmitry Rogozin, head of the Russian national space agency Roscosmos, was asked by Dodon whether American astronauts had landed on the moon. Answering with a smile, Rogozin said that Russia intends to verify whether the Americans had indeed done so. “We have set it as an [operational] task to fly there and check whether they’ve been there. They say they have, we will check that out,” Rogozin said. (, November 24, 2018; Watch the video of the meeting)

Russia Heading to Space in 2030 LOL


This next statement by the Russian Government is even funnier than the one above. It just never ends with Russia.

Russia will send its first manned mission to the moon after 2030

It is worth noting that Roscosmos announced last week that it would pen a new, multibillion-ruble (LOL) lunar exploration program, under which Russia will send its first manned mission to the moon after 2030. Roscosmos also said that it would work together with NASA on the concept of a lunar orbital station.

(, November 24, 2018)

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