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Students for Life and local Alabama pro-life groups have announced a rally for next Wednesday, May 22nd in Montgomery at the state capitol in support of the Alabama Human Life Protection Act and in support of women, babies, and families.

The event, called the Pro-Life, Pro-Woman Rally will begin at 11 AM CST and will include a variety of pro-life speakers. All are encouraged to attend and peacefully support the pro-life movement as we push back against the lies and hatred of the pro-abortion lobby.

You can RSVP and find more details here.

Speakers will include Students for Life of America president Kristan Hawkins, who recently wrote in favor of the new pro-life law. Writing at USA Today, Hawkins said,

“Alabama is making headlines for something everyone knows, whether they admit it publicly or not: babies are people too, and people deserve protection under the law. It’s a simple principle that as individuals most understand, a civil society needs the law to care about whether any of us are harmed and to hold accountable those who cause that harm. What makes Alabama so noteworthy is their willingness to tell abortion vendors that civil rights extend to preborn women, and to men for that matter.

And this new law puts the blame for abortion squarely where it belongs, on those who have set up a  enterprise trafficking in ending life and targeting vulnerable women who are victimized by a predatory abortion industry….

The pro-life movement has always stood with women, lending support through financial support and personal participation with pregnancy care centers, community outreach in faith-based clinics, social services and adoption. Students for Life of America, for example, runs a Pregnant on Campus program to help pregnant and parenting students both to know their legal rights and to achieve help through creative programming like nursing rooms, access to child care and preferred parking. With 14 chapters on college and university campuses in Alabama and more than 1,200 nationwide, we are every day engaging this generation with information about their options for life and the facts about abortion’s impact. Next week, SFLA will be on Capitol Hill asking legislators to support young families with their own money in new, national family-leave proposals. Our society must be as committed to helping families prosper as we are in working for a world in which all are protected in the law.”

For questions about the rally or to participate, please contact Matt Lamb at [email protected]

You can RSVP for the event here:




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