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Yesterday, Temple University Students for Life released an official statement condemning their own school’s College Democrats chapter. Why? Temple College Dems came out in support of State Rep. Brian Sims’s immature harassment of women outside of a Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood.


In case you’ve somehow missed this constant stream of attention on Brian Sims while scrolling your social media feeds:

Brian Sims is a Democratic Representative in Pennsylvania’s 182nd district. One of his activism hobbies is apparently venturing out to Planned Parenthood and yelling at women who are there to peacefully demonstrate. Everyone’s blowing up about this week’s self-captured video of Sims berating an older woman, but he’s actually a veteran of harassing pro-life women.

Just a few weeks ago, Sims had nothing better to do so he strolled on down to the Planned Parenthood to berate teenage girls – who are in fact Students for Life members at a nearby high school. We take it a little personally when grown men harass our students. He attempted to dox them, offering $100 to anyone who could identify them (below). We can just imagine his inner monologue: Yesss, from my high castle I shall dangle money for the peasants and they shall do my bidding. 


This is the state of the pro-abortion side. Politicians hitting the street to yell at people with opposing viewpoints, actively discouraging reply, and posting video for attention. Never mind that there are tons of rational responses to his insults and accusations (see a few here). That isn’t even the point. There’s a man in a position of power in Pennsylvania, harassing (primarily female) strangers, and the College Democrats at Temple are fully on board. Oh, and we’ll just leave this here.

…are you though?

Pro-Abortion Violence is Trending UP

This is getting absolutely insane. How many more pro-lifers need to get verbally or physically attacked before we all step back and realize that something needs to change? Does this stuff seem productive?

Just to name a few recent incidents. This behavior is unacceptable in a civilized society. The battle cry of abortion activists is “We Won’t Go Back!” yet here we are, back to the era of the duel apparently. It needs to change, and it needs to change now.


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Author: Brenna Lewis

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