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Praying for Revival in America’s Most ‘Post-Christian’ Cities

by | Jul 14, 2019 | Good Stuff | 0 comments

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As Christians across New England and New York prepare for Franklin Graham’s Decision America Northeast Tour, prayers of hopeful expectation seem to reverberate from the rocky coast of Maine to the Long Island Sound.

A couple of months ago, more than 1,900 people came together on some of the coldest, darkest nights of the year to worship and pray at kickoff rallies held in each of the seven cities Franklin Graham will visit May 19–30. Additional prayer gatherings are taking place throughout the region right up until the start of the Tour. The Christians who are joining in prayer know they’re a long way from the Bible Belt. In fact, five of the seven Tour stops—Portland, Maine; Burlington, Vermont; Manchester, New Hampshire; East Providence, Rhode Island; and Bridgeport, Connecticut—will be in or near the most “post-Christian” cities in the […]

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