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  • Then, the birth mother, who was very close to getting an abortion, makes an absolutely astonishing remark.
  • “Like, I made this for them,” she said, gazing lovingly at her baby boy. “This baby — he would have been gone. That’s all I keep thinking.”
  • “And he deserves so much more than that because it wasn’t his fault.”

A young woman who was involved in a crisis pregnancy has shared a powerful message about choosing life for her newborn and putting him up for adoption.


The mother, Dominique, was contemplating abortion before ultimately deciding to go through with the pregnancy.

As is the law in many U.S. states, after giving birth to her beautiful baby boy, Dominique was given 48 hours to finalize her decision to give her baby to an adoptive couple.

Photo by The Archibald Project, an orphan care advocacy organization.

A film produced by The Archibald Project, an organization that uses “storytelling to spark and expand a movement of people to care for orphaned and vulnerable children,” follows Dominique’s heart-wrenching journey. With the clock ticking, she must decide whether or not she can bring herself to give her precious baby boy to the waiting adoptive couple, Ally and Ryan.

While the tension is clear as time runs out. The love between the three of them is very touching, serving as a wonderful advert for adoption as an alternative to abortion.

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