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A group of Students for Life leaders in Ohio have sent a letter to the leadership of the Ohio General Assembly and Governor Mike DeWine declaring their support for the Abortion Pill Reversal Information Act. The proposed legislation would ensure that women are told about the possibility of reversing an RU-486 chemical/toilet-bowl abortion.

We sent it to Governor Mike DeWine, President of Ohio Senate Larry Obhof, Minority Senate Leader Kenny Yuko, Minority House Leader Emilia Strong Sykes , and Speaker of the House Larry Householder.

You can read the text of the letter here.

Lily Hutkowski, the Ohio Regional Coordinator for Students for Life, noted in her testimony similar points. She wrote, “The pro-life students I work with, believe strongly in ensuring women know about their options regarding pregnancy. That is why many pro-life groups volunteer at maternity homes, collect diapers and formulas for pregnancy resource centers, and advocate for family-friendly policies on campus. Our groups even educate their peers about their Title IX rights for pregnant and parenting students.

Recently, a Students for Life group in California told a woman who had taken the first abortion drug about the reversal process. With this information, she delivered a healthy baby girl just two weeks ago. She wanted to reverse the effects and had a right to this information. Yet, she did not hear it from her doctor—she luckily met one of our students. Women in Ohio and in the United States have a right to know about medical advancements like the abortion pill reversal and doctors should be required to share that information with all women. Doctors should recognize their responsibility to provide women with access to their options. I hope you will consider supporting the Abortion Pill Reversal Information Act.”

Students for Life leaders have been involved in this legislation going back to the original writing of a similar version of the legislation. Miami University-Oxford Students for Life leader Ellie Wittman gave feedback on the legislation as part of her project for her Wilberforce Fellowship, a special training program for a select group of Students for Life leaders. You can read more about that here.

Students for Life has been active in informing people of the risks of toilet-bowl abortions, including in California. You can read more about the harms of toilet-bowl abortions at

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Author: Matt Lamb

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