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LAHORE, Pakistan, May 28, 2019 ( Morning Star News ) – A Muslim landlord outside Faisalabad, Pakistan tortured a worker to death for daring, as a “lowly Christian,” to work for another employer, relatives said. Javed Masih, a Catholic in Nulka Kohala village, a suburb of Faisalabad in Punjab Province, on May 10 had sought a 10,000-rupee loan (US$66) from his employer, Chaudhry Abbas Jutt, for medical treatment for his physically handicapped, 6-year-old son, Masih’s wife said. “The landlord not only refused to give Javed the money, but he also admonished him for not paying back 5,000 rupees [US$33] that he owed him,” Ghazala Javed, 25, told Morning Star News. When Jutt refused, her husband approached another landlord in the village, Chaudhry Muhammad Tariq Jutt, and obtained a 25,000-rupee loan (US$166) for working his land. In Pakistan, workers […]


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