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In the latest “wrongful birth” lawsuit, a mother is suing the NHS for allegedly not testing her unborn baby for Down’s syndrome, and so depriving her of the opportunity to abort him.

“Would have terminated the pregnancy” Edyta Mordel, 33, is suing the NHS for £200,000 after her son Aleksander, now four, was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome at birth.

Her medical notes say she was “very upset and angry” when Aleksander was diagnosed after his birth by cesarean section in 2015. Her barrister, Coldagh Bradley QC, said a test would have revealed a high chance of a Down’s syndrome diagnosis. He said: “Miss Mordel would have been offered an abortion and her partner, Aleksander’s father Lukasz Cieciura, agreed they would have terminated the pregnancy.” Did she change her mind after the birth? She alleges that she believed the NHS carried […]

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