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A small multi-faith group of left-wing “religious” leaders gathered at the Austin location of Texas abortion business Whole Woman’s Health Alliance (WWHA) Tuesday to “bless” the location, granting a veneer of religious legitimacy on an organization that kills human beings and has a history of health violations.

The gathering was organized by the so-called Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC) and Texas Freedom Network (TFN), according to a WWHA Facebook post calling it a “very powerful and empowering moment, complete with ritual, poetry, singing and insight that served to break away from the perception that religious communities are opposed to abortion.”

HuffPost reports that the gathering featured a “prayerful walk” of the path through the facility’s waiting area, patient rooms, counseling rooms, and offices. The Texas Observer adds that the group also sang “Hallelujah.”

“As people of faith, it’s not that we think we’re bringing God to this place; we believe God is already present in that space,” Austin campus minister Amelia Fulbright told HuffPost. “But it’s to ask for prayers of safety, healing, and peace, to infuse the space with an energy that is life-giving for women, a lot of whom are in an anxious time.”

Fulbright added that at one point during the event she breastfed her own four-month-old baby, and claimed that nursing a child inside an abortion center somehow demonstrated that it was a “life-affirming space” because it “paints a different picture than what the anti-abortion movement would like you to think happens in abortion clinics” (while employees or women who visit abortion centers for other reasons may occasionally breastfeed onsite, it is not, in fact, representative of what happens to most preborn children who accompany their mothers inside).

The Bible repeatedly condemns “murder” and “shed[ding] innocent blood” as “detestable to” the Lord, because “in the image of God has God made mankind.” From there, “there’s really only one question left to ask,” pro-life apologist Scott Klusendorf argues. “If the unborn are human, then the same commands that forbid the shedding of innocent blood in these other cases apply to them as well.” Long-settled biological criteria and mainstream medical textbooks establish that a whole, distinct, living human exists once fertilization has occurred.

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