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As pro-life members of Congress try to introduce the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, federal legislation which would require medical treatment and care for infants who survive attempted abortions, pro-abortion legislators at the state-level are, shockingly, undoing protections for these abortion survivors. A new bill introduced by pro-abortion lawmakers in Arizona is being likened to the recent pro-abortion New York law that legalizing abortion up to birth and removed all protections for infants born alive during abortions. Arizona’s HB 2696 would remove any requirements in the law to care for born-alive infants, and it is scheduled for a vote in the Arizona House Judiciary Committee early Wednesday.

Currently, section 36-2301 of the Arizona statutes on Public Health and Safety reads:

If an abortion is performed and a human fetus or embryo is delivered alive, it is the duty of any physician performing such an abortion and any additional physician in attendance as required by section 36-2301.01 to see that all available means and medical skills are used to promote, preserve and maintain the life of such a fetus or embryo.

Additionally, 36-2301 requires the abortionist to report to the state if a baby is born alive during an attempted abortion and report “efforts made to promote, preserve and maintain the life of the fetus or embryo.” Reporting for every abortion also must include statements from all clinical staff who witnessed the aborted baby, certifying that, to the best of their knowledge, the baby was not born alive. HB 2696 would remove all of these requirements.


Arizona Planned Parenthood medical director DeShawn Taylor revealed to an undercover journalist that the statute requiring care for born-alive infants altered the way she committed abortions, and potentially prohibited her from altering procedures to increase the chances of harvesting organs from babies killed in abortions.

If HB 2696 passes, Arizona would join 19 other states that do not have legal protections for babies who survive botched abortions.

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Author: Anna Reynolds

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