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Gov. Gavin Newsom welcomed women to come to California to abort their unborn babies in response to other states’ efforts to ban abortions.

On Friday, the Democratic governor signed a proclamation that criticizes other states for working to protect the lives of babies in the womb.

The Hill reports Newsom also invited women in those states to come to California for abortions.

“California will continue to uphold women’s equality and liberty by protecting their reproductive freedom, educating Californians about their rights to reproductive freedom, welcoming women to California to fully exercise their reproductive rights, and acting as a model for other states that want to ensure full reproductive freedom for women,” he said in the proclamation. California has very few restrictions on abortion.

California has very few restrictions on abortion. It forces taxpayers to pay for them, and girls as young as 12 can get abortions without a parent’s knowledge or consent. Right now, a bill is moving through the state legislature to mandate that every public college and university provide abortions on campus.




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