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Fires ravaged six Christian villages in southern Turkey. Fires, which many believe were started intentionally, engulfed the villages of ELbegendi, Guzelsu, Dibek, Uckoy, Ucyol, and Dagici along the Turkey-Syria border, Faithwire Reports.

According to International Christian Concern, “arson has become a recognized insurgent tactic which targets the agricultural resources of villages.” Last week, insurgents in Turkey are believed to have burnt down between 700 and 800 olive trees last week. In the most recent incident, authorities suspect arson because fire has been a common tool used against farmers in Syria and Iraq as well. According to The Telegraph, one official told T he Guardian that 50,000 hectares have been burned in the region since May, resulting in a loss of $50 million. The fires make the nation’s food shortage even more dire. Experts believe that agricultural […]

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