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A homeless drug addict who broke into an Arkansas church and vandalized $100,000 worth of property was baptized at the same congregation six months later – all because the staff and church members displayed grace and got him much-needed help.

Brenton Winn, 23, was arrested in February after breaking into Central Baptist Church of Conway, Ark., and destroying $100,000 in church property.

  • He threw the soundboard over the worship center balcony.
  • He set part of the family life center on fire. He destroyed laptops.

Religion is behavioral modification…Christianity is Heart transformation.

At the time, the church’s senior pastor, Don Chandler, told KTHV it was “about as messy of vandalism as you could possibly imagine.” Winn, who was homeless and high on drugs, faced multiple charges and seemed destined for years behind bars. But Chandler, while meeting with the prosecutor, chose to extend grace, according to Baptist […]

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