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The Major Media, pro-abortion and pro-Democrat with rare exceptions, are sending distress signals to the current crop of presidential wannabes. Like Robby the Robot, they warn there is “Danger” in choosing “to support — and in some cases emphasize — a few policies that are deeply unpopular” (to quote David Leonhardt of the New York Times ). Leonhardt did not mention abortion as an example of Democrats’ overreach but abortion is the perfect example of how out of whack Democrats are with the public. Today Aaron Blake explicitly addresses “Democrats’ leftward shift on third-trimester abortion .” Forget the lame and wholly inaccurate parallel at the end, Blake understands that “Hillary Clinton’s answer at a 2016 debate trended toward what [Bernie] Sanders, [Peter] Buttigieg and [Beto]O’Rourke are saying today.” Put more directly, in her debate with then candidate Donald Trump, […]

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