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Swastika and the word “Raus” (Out) are sprayed at a asylum seeker accommodation in Waltrop, western Germany, on October 13, 2015.. (photo credit: AFP PHOTO) Swastikas were found painted using graffiti on over a dozen houses along several streets in San Pedro, California. “I cannot believe this happened to my house,” said Lilliana Gonzales, a resident of one of the vandalized properties. ” It’s ugly, it’s disgusting and we need to do something about it.” Police are investigating the incident and trying to find the culprit, according to Spectrum News. A special meeting will be held about the vandalism by community activist Lion Lyons. “Hopefully we can get someone to come forward and put all the guys who did all this mess… to justice,” he said. “God created everyone all equal and we should be able to be nice […]

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