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Franklin Graham, the son of the late Billy Graham, says the political divide in the U.S., including the impeachment proceedings into President Donald Trump, may be a result of “demonic power.”

In an interview with author and radio show host Eric Metaxas, Graham talked about the current state of politics in the country, the Washinton Examiner reports. “Well, I believe it’s almost a demonic power that is trying,” Graham started to say before Metaxas interrupted, saying “I would disagree. It’s not almost demonic. You know and I know, at the heart, it’s a spiritual battle.” Metaxas called the situation in the country “bizarre,” where people “exist to undermine the president of the United States. It’s just a bizarre time for most Americans.” Much of the political turmoil has stemmed from Trump’s presidency, but Graham said Trump’s administration has […]

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