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Franklin Graham took the Decision America Northeast Tour to seven cities across New England and New York state—a region that birthed the First Great Awakening, where Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield preached to thousands, and where old headstones bear moving witness to Christ and the Gospel.

Today, the Northeast is known for secularism and pluralism and is often dubbed “post-Christian,” with an evangelical population of only 2 percent. Nonetheless, during the Tour, May 19 through May 30, Franklin preached the Gospel clearly and boldly, and more than 4,000 responded to the invitation, including many who prayed to receive Christ as Savior.

Portland, Maine Franklin Graham presented the Gospel clearly at each stop of the Tour. It’s known as the second most “post-Christian” city in America, according to Barna Research. Portland, Maine, along the state’s southern coast, offers a beautiful […]

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