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For almost 35 years, Floyd Martin has delivered the mail to the people of Marietta, Georgia, but he has been much more than just a mailman to them.

In a Twitter thread, Jennifer Brett, a senior reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, shared how in joining Floyd on his mail route, she learned how much of an impact he has made on the community. Even before Floyd began his job as a mailman, he was already plugged into the community, graduating from Marietta High School in 1975. After he graduated he took the postal service test, but unfortunately, by the time they got back to him, he had a job at a local bank.

But that did not stop the USPS. They offered to double his pay, and Martin began his career with the U.S. postal service.

After serving his community for almost 35 years, Floyd is retiring.

“My people are so good to me,” he said to Brett while hand delivering mail. “I’m going to miss them.”

The impact Floyd has had on Marietta

Whether it’s a resident Floyd has been delivering to for decades, or a young child who looks up to Floyd, or even the neighborhood pets, everyone knows and loves Floyd.

The Marietta residents are sad to see Floyd go, but are grateful for all that he has done for them over the years. Lorraine Wascher is one of them.

Wascher, a long-time Marietta resident, shared a hug with Floyd when he delivered her mail, saying “He always had a smile, always had a wave.”

“His presence and smile are such an integral part of our 28 years here,” said Trish Nicolas, another resident of Marietta.

One resident, Amanda Seals, even shared that Floyd had such an impact on her grandmother that she remembers him despite her dementia.

“Dementia has set in, and she doesn’t see well anymore, but she still knows Floyd,” Seals said.

Floyd has many friends, both old and young. One child, Mae Bullington even dressed up as Martin when her school had a career day.

“I was so flattered,” he said. “It touched my heart.”

The neighborhood reaction

On his last day, the neighborhood surprised Floyd by decorating their mailboxes in honor of his retirement.

The mailboxes were covered in balloons, colorful streamers, and thank you notes from the families on his route.

Not only did the neighbors go all out when it came to decorating their mailboxes, but they threw a block part in his honor following his last shift.

“People stood in line all night for hugs and photos,” Brett wrote. “Floyd’s known these guys since they were babies.”




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