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In a huge victory for preborn babies, moms, dads, and families, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has signed the Alabama Human Life Protection Act into law. The legislation is a near-complete prohibition on killing innocent preborn lives and would punish abortionists, but not women, for abortions.


The praise was swift from pro-life groups and commentators,  while pro-abortion groups predictably stoked outrage.

Pro-abortion groups were not happy.


In an op-ed published today, Students for Life of America president Kristan Hawkins praised the legislation, writing.

“Alabama is making headlines for something everyone knows, whether they admit it publicly or not: babies are people too, and people deserve protection under the law. It’s a simple principle that as individuals most understand, a civil society needs the law to care about whether any of us are harmed and to hold accountable those who cause that harm. What makes Alabama so noteworthy is their willingness to tell abortion vendors that civil rights extend to preborn women, and to men for that matter.

And this new law puts the blame for abortion squarely where it belongs, on those who have set up a  enterprise trafficking in ending life and targeting vulnerable women who are victimized by a predatory abortion industry.

Women have not and should not ever be charged related to abortion, and Alabama gets that right. In fact, as attorney Clarke Forsythe has noted, it’s abortionists who tried to muddy the media and cultural waters with false claims to the contrary, misstating legal history. “

You can read the full op-ed at USA Today.

Alabama is leading the way in protecting preborn lives and pushing back against pro-infanticide laws in places like New York and Virginia.






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Author: Matt Lamb

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