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  • One of Americans’ favorite actresses blasted pro-life “white women” Saturday for leading state efforts to protect unborn babies from abortion.
  • Anne Hathaway (“Princess Diaries,” “Les Miserables”) defended abortion on Instagram with a sign that read, “If you’re against abortion, don’t have one,” The Daily Wire reports.

Joining dozens of other rich, out-of-touch celebrities, Hathaway argued that pro-life laws are all about controlling women’s bodies. “Yes the anti-abortion movement is primarily about controlling women’s bodies under the premise (for many, sincere) of saving lives, and yes this law is primarily the work of white men HOWEVER a white woman sponsored the bill and a white woman signed it into law,” she wrote. It was a reference to Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey and state Rep. Terri Collins, a lead sponsor of the bill, both of whom are women. But the […]



‘Professing to be wise, they became fools, ‘ Romans 1:22


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