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Firefighting teams trying to put out the flames in the central city of Elad, May 23, 2019.

  • Over 15,000 dunams (3,700 acres) of forests and swaths of land burned down in wildfires across Israel that started Thursday, setting ablaze dozens of homes amid an intense heatwave.
  • 1,700 fires were extinguished over the past three days .
  • 1,500 firefighters, together with volunteers as well as employees from the Jewish National Fund and Nature and Parks Authority participated in the efforts to stop the fires.
  • 40 homes were completely destroyed in the Mavo Modi’im community in central Israel and ten additional ones were damaged.

The community’s residents stayed in the Ben Shemen youth village over the weekend, where sacks of clothes donated by concerned citizens awaited them. 40 percent of the Ben Shemen Forest burned down. It is still unclear […]

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